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From highly-confidential data to valuable technological assets to monetary resources, there’s so much that needs to be protected within a business. However, businesses often fall victim to lax security. In most cases, the security lapses aren’t caused due to a major technical failure or leak of valuable information by trusted employees. Rather, they are largely attributed to simpler issues pertaining to lost keys or damaged locks, further reinforcing the fact that a minor leeway in your security can have serious ramifications. Is there a way to keep vital assets and data from falling into the wrong hands? Yes, there is! And Advantage Locksmith Store will tell you how.

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Business papers, confidential files, project plans cannot be left out in the open. Competitors, unauthorized employees or thieves may get their hands on it and seriously jeopardize your business’ security. If you care about the secrecy of your business data, then call Advantage Locksmith Store for file cabinet lock installation today. A simple, safe, secure and intuitive method of locking away all that’s precious to you and your firm, file cabinet locks can exponentially increase your overall security level.

Choose from a wide range of locks

File cabinet locks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functionality. If you’re looking for a simple lock to prevent your children from accessing the cabinets at your home, you can opt for simple key-based locks. For enhanced security, you can explore from a range of file cabinet locks in our arsenal. From tamper-proof locks to sophisticated ultra-modern electronic locks, you can choose a lock depending upon your requirement and your price bracket. Also, you can seek the expertise of our experts in picking the right locks for your cabinets.

File cabinet unlocking/locking/rekeying

Advantage Locksmith Store Chicago, IL 312-288-7583Sometimes the very mechanical marvels that protect your assets can end up landing you in trouble. Imagine this: you’re running late for an important business meet, your file cabinet lock is jammed and your project proposal is locked within the cabinet. What do you do? Thankfully, our technicians can resolve your issue in no time. They can craft a new key on the spot or fix the lock to ensure that it’s fully operational again. In cases where business proprietors suspect that the key has been stolen, Advantage Locksmith Store can even rekey the locks so that the old keys are no longer operable.

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